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 ICEcat PIM V2.0 released!

Now you have a webshop and need professional Product Information Management? If you don't have a centralized resource yet for Product Information Management (PIM, sometimes called PDM short for Product Data Management or CMS short for Catalog Management System), ICEcat provides its own web-based ICEcatPIM, which is able to handle millions of product data-sheets, uses the OpenICEcat XML standard and is easy to integrate with external sources.

It can help you facilitate your company's internal product data management needs, and at the same time those of your external channel partners.. it is a Must. 

Icecat PIM 2.0 released

March 2011, the second version of Icecat PIM is launched. This free/open source Product Information Manager  is already in use by both small and large, international corporations. Icecat PIM 2.0 is a major upgrade from the first open source version as it adds:

- a seamless XML interface to the free product catalog of icecat.biz with some 1 million product data-sheets
- a graphical menu structure
- support for multiple Linux distributions like CentOS, Gentoo and Ubuntu
- a tested installer

Typical PIM use

What is the typical use of Icecat PIM? First of all, It helps channel partners to integrate large amounts of product data in their own systems. The Icecat PIM is based on MySQL, XML and Perl and runs on Linux environments, and can be the in-house data hub for a serious ebusiness. Second, it has an editor backoffice which is used in the large-scale publishing environment of Icecat where 100s of editors can work simultaneously.

Therefore, the Icecat PIM is very useful to support the publishing process of product data by manufacturers, publishers or sophisticated ecommerce companies.

Further information

Miminum server requirement: 30 GB HDD

Icecat can be of help with installation, support and integration projects.

The PIM system of ICEcat is available under the GNU open source license, and can be tailored for your company's needs. It is no need to tell that of course Batavi is already fully XML integrated for ICEcat/ICEcat PIM use.  More information, or go to download section

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