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Release Notes - Batavi - Version 1.3



- (Open) Icecat fully integrated, supporting the latest Icecat features (such as display of feature logo's, product video's and download of documents/manuals)
- 'show only differences' option in product compare function
- extra wide adaptive template (optimized for 1280px screens and larger, it adjusts display for 1024px screens (15” screens/ipads/tablets, etc.)
- possibility to use youtube video's as banners
- Cart process shortened by 1 step
- New setup of html and css makes it easier to adjust the design (look&feel) of Batavi
- fully W3C compliant Html and Css
- New Javascript Framework (jQuery)
- SEO optimized



- Installation improvements/cleanup
- Added more data to install - menu, banners, products
- Added new tokens for PDF and emails templates
- Prototype is not used anymore in frontend
- Updated list of brands
- Updated brands logos
- Changed default tax rate to 21%


Security Improvements:

- Google Capcha added to registration and login form
- Fully secure according to McAfee
- Prevent Filename injection
- Prevent Cross site scripting
- Prevent Brute-force username enumeration
- Prevent Cross site request forgery
- Prevent Clickjacking
- Improvements to secure transmission of session-cookies
- Improvements to admin security (basic auth, ip restriction, special URL)
- Encrypted transmissions of sensitive information
- Added autocomplete=”off” to all forms
- Added restriction to all webshop folders



- Fixed bug with Installation, when user doesn't have a full right for his DB
- Fixed missing tokens
- Fixed problems with images resize
- Fixed problems with boxes duplication on page
- Fixed issue related to .htaccess permission during Installation process
And more small fixes were added.


Release Notes - Batavi - Version 1.2.2



- Added check for errors and descriptions of errors in the price rules import.

- Added new fields for filtering results into Financial reporting module.

- Was changed export product prices custom & csv logic.



- Fixed bug with deleting menu items.

- Fixed bug with deleting of customer groups.

- Fixed problems after deleting "Order total" module.

- Fixed bugs with "Product specific VAT" vs "Vat rules".

- Fixed price rules import/export.

- Fixed some design bugs.

And more small fixes was added.


Upgrades for 1.2.1 also published separately https://sourceforge.net/projects/batavi/files/upgrade/


Release Notes - Batavi - Version 1.2



- Totally new task manager is developed.

- Totally new reporting engine is developed.

- Batch change order status

- Added force trimming for all Search fields;

- Added new message for password validation when editing customers in admin;

- Added start time and end time for cron tasks jobs; - New columns will be imported & exported in Product exports : Weight, Keywords, Product available date;

- Added disabled checkbox on default product status;

- Added firebug detection message in Administration tool;



- Significant speed improvement;

- Changed method of sort order;

- Improvements for cron manager: list support, hours range;



- Fixed bug of saving products with new stock location;

- Fixed navigation through pages in reports;

- Fixed default cheapest shipping method selection;

- Fixed: button INSERT working incorrect on subcustomers page

- Fixed products stock locations missing after installation;

- Fixed order search by Total;

- Fixed order price rounding bug;

- Fixed product image saving;

- Fixed saving opened category tree;

- Fixed problems with product Reviews;

- And much much more issues were fixed;



Release Notes - Batavi - Version V1.1.2


- Export empty brand problem

- Product VAT bug

- Languages tokens are missing


Release Notes - Batavi - Version V1.0.5


- Coupon on empty shopping cart

- Html wasn't stripped from account session (security)

- Static modules, there is no opportunity to mark all zones

- Whitelabel product detail error

- Unknown column

- Customer Status Change event(trigger) does not work well

- Log-out notice

- How to enable a translation

- Strange Commenting

- Taxation rules works really weird

- Succes redirect URL for boxAccountLogin


Release Notes - Batavi - Version V1.0.4


- Who is online bug

- Product overview admin

- Whitelabel: bug in data array product listing

- Amounts incorrect admin category

- Import file is blank or invalid encoding on import of xls-file

- Unknown column

- Log-out notice


Release Notes - Batavi - Version V1.0.3


- Buy 1 get 100

- Overlay have a scroll

- minimum Packaging of a product

- Product comparing doesn't show

- Whitelabel Drop-down looks wrong

- Paging s**s on conversions screens

- Import languages

- Image resize & ICEcat live

- Import notification broken

- Can't create spec. price rule on WL

- Strange params in paging

- Smarty: warning on incorrect usage

- Admin: can't delete Batavi customer number, it is not saved

- Database: brand_name being varchar(32) is not enough

- dup orders

- SearchAfter: wrong redirect

- Server Information does not work

- Export empty brand problem

- Product VAT bug

- Languages tokens are missing


Release Notes - Batavi - Version 0.93



- SEO optimisation

- Product relations groups & rules

- Re-order feature

- Categorie landing page feature

- Auto stock selector

- Mail token optimization

- Speed optimization

- Remote and local image rescale feature optimization

- Presearch SEO URL use

- Text editor optimization for better PDF support

- 404 page response fix

- Birth year fix and automated birth year

- Language search (incl compare search) optimization

- Current administrator on right top in admin

- File manager optimization (URL can be copied now)

- Cache editor fix (paging)

- Product content locking mechanism (for locking remote updating of products)

- Delivery time calculation optimization

- Security fixes (Batavi is PCI compliant now)

- Encoding fixes

- Caching issue fixes

- Google Analytics E-Commerce module

- Better dividing aftersearch price groups for large numbers

- Customer status event

- box iFrame (beta)

- Smarty template engine upgrade

- and many more enhancements and fixes.


Release Notes - Batavi - Version 0.92



- Possibility to generate PDF invoices

- Default minification of scripts and styles

- Per import source product images separation

- Language strings search

- New boxes like boxImage

- Configurable AJAX-loading image





- Whitelabel template upgrade & fixes

- Cross-browser support

- Browser rendering time

- Backup/restore admin functionality for *NIX users

- Back browser button support

- Order editor fixes and order creation routine

- Export system enhancements

- Import fixes

- XMLRPC server enhancements

- Search after enhancements

- New boxes like boxImage and boxMailForm

- ICEcat support


Lots of bugs fixed.

Tons of small adjustments took place.


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