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Download the latest Batavi version! Batavi V1.3 available, with "best in class" Icecat integration!  

For all those who were waiting for the next generation open source e-commerce....


batavi is the bestWe're very proud to announce that as of sep 2013, the 1.3 version of Batavi  is available, of course with built in free Open Icecat connection and full feature content integration.


Download here or read the getting started instructions. As Batavi development team we've been working for the last year to get all of your wishes into a stable product, which will help you to set up your own webshop, and will guarantee you a non-changing stable version. Of course we will be introducing bug fixes over the next period so you can expect new subversions on a regular basis.

For now, we are convinced that we are providing you with a version that can stand up to your demands and which is a big step into the next generation open source e-commerce systems. The following features are included in this version:



Full import module of (open) Icecat rich product content!!! including new features like:

  Product document & video support

  Product feature logo support

New (semi) adaptive template including improved W3C compliant HTML & CSS

Optimized checkout process

Use youtube video's as banners

Improved product compare function with 'show only differences' option

jQuery Javascript framework

SEO optimization

Fully flexible template system including pages/boxes groups layout and page access limitation

Full content management including menu's, texts, mails, pages etc

Robust architecture to process very large numbers of products, visitors, customers and orders

Customer-/group specific pricing, payment or shipping modules

Related products for cross- and upselling

Unlimited productsegmentation to present products

Product-pricerules for pricing large product volumes

Productgroup-pricerules to make selecting products easier for pricing purposes

Fully automated integration with product content providers

Interface for multi warehouse and multi supplier/distributor (incl. stock and purchase prices)

Advanced batch import and export facilities, e.g. Iceimport/Iceorder

Possibilities to filter certain UNSPSC categories during import

Integration possibilities for Google Analytics (incl e-commerce)

Integration possibilities with a number of payment providers (PayPal, iDeal, MrCash etc)

A big group of modules like: Product Tax Modules, Realtime modules, Order total modules, GeoIP modules, Coupons etc.

Automatic Brand pages

Powerful task manager for all kinds of (server) tasks



We invite you to install Batavi 1.3 and take a look for yourself. Next to that, we will be introducing 1.4 early next year, with a lot of new features which will be outlined at a later stage.


Based on combined extensive experience of more than 10 years in open source, supply chain management and proprietary tools, we now deliver a full object oriented, flexible tool that can match with the most professional tools worldwide.

A development team was formed by ICEshop in 2007, to combine 10 years experience in e-commerce services with knowhow from the former, well known, osCommerce core team. In fact, you could say that Batavi is the real osCommerce 3.0 (the version we were all waiting for but that never came). This resulted in a full packed standard version of Batavi, that is now available for download in 0.9 beta version.

If you are interested, please feel free to take a look at the demo shop and demo admin (login user: demo password: demo).


Available for community:
Up to now, the batavi.org community website is not fully equipped. Not all functions are activated yet, but the most important ones are available for those who seek the latest in open source e-commerce. Please notice: This dwnload-version of Batavi is not completely finished; several known issues are listed (see wiki) and some adjustments are required. The Batavi team is working hard to resolve and implement those a.s.a.p. Please visit our website for updates and information.


More information?
Please feel free to drop your e-mail address, so we can inform you about Batavi progress and version updates. Of course we can offer our services in implementing Batavi webshops.
Of course you can contact us by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you are interested in becoming a Batavi partner for development and implementation, we kindly invite you to contact us.
Batavi team @ ICEshop


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